VR 360 Video Coming Soon to Las Vegas

Like all changes with technology in photography and video – we in the industry are always looking at what is going to be the new media.  VR 360 video is looking like that is the way it is going to go.  I am proud to announce that coming in late August, I will be bringing VR 360 Video filming to Las Vegas and destinations for Wedding and Corporate Events.  This is an new and exciting time for this technology, with the capability of being able to offer you a full virtual reality experience when capturing your special memories.  For you as the viewer, to fully re-live your wedding day or event in total immersion.  Prices will be fully custom to your needs and the exact experience you want to see in the future after the event. Please email info@mcnultystudios.com for price quotes and questions about having your Las Vegas Wedding or Event filmed in VR 360 Video. – Mikey McNulty

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